Saving Programs

U-IMCEC has several savings programs, for actual conditions please contact the Manager.

Mission of U-IMCEC
Efficiently promote savings, credit and investment programs, within the cooperation by offering high quality programs at a lowest cost possible

Report of World Bank


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Sign for UMVA account

If you want an account from UIMCEC-UMVA, just click here and sign up. To finish the registration, the bank need a picture, address and ID info. As soon as the Identification is finished, the account is on line available. You can look at the balance, send and receive payments, send and receives messages, contact international users, receive intenational transfers on your account.

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U-IMCEC offer for their members special training, the training comes with an electronic bank account.

The basic training is what is a computer, what is internet, what is email, what is e-banking, what is VoIP. After this training members are able to do several actions without cost, that are delivering large savings for them. They can work with a computer to call around the world for free, send emails (in stead of letters), look at their bank account, transfer money, be able to train more with distance learning. For more info please contact the administration of the bank.

UMVA UIMCEC training center

training UMVA

The start of the implementation for the new computerized system started with the development of a training centre. Within the project we will develop the centre and deliver laptops, projector and other equipment for the training centre.